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Revolutionizing the fintech world, providing a service that is based on ethics and accessible to all. These are the principles that in 2021 gave birth to REAVOLUTION a software house dedicated to the creation of trading system.

The goal was to create innovative tools and a complete platform able to provide customers with a satisfactory service based on a community that takes care of the customer experience and not on the sale of the tools themselves. No one will be left at the mercy of the market and himself.

REAVOLUTION allows you to use Free Tools such as Indicators , calculators and cbot to help your everyday operation.

Training and experience are one of the core values of our company. This allows us to boast a team of highly trained developers.

REAVOLUTION can also program your indicator or cbot according to your needs and goals. 

Why You Should Choose Us:

We provide Strategies and Tools performing, in a Free and Ethical way because you will be allowed to exploit our cbot without paying anything before, but sharing with us a small part of your profit already made using them. 

We are not just a software house, we are our first customers, so we use our tools first, in our real accounts.  That’s why we keep a constant eye on the performance of our instruments and continually update them to fit all conditions.

As for the cbot, you only have to connect your account and you don’t have to manage and update the tools, so that you don’t take up even a minute of your time.

Our Story

REAVOLUTION was born from the idea of Matteo Costa & Ivan Macic to revolutionize the fintech sector. Thanks to their many years of experience in the sector, they have realized that there are no truly performing systems over time and no platform that would provide them in an ethical and accessible way to anyone, taking into account the performance of the individual customer, without thinking only about the sale of the system itself.

Ivan Macic was fundamental for the realization of this project, making available his skills as a ten-year Programmer in c# and Microsoft programs.

Matteo & Ivan together with the whole REA Team have been working for the realization of REAVOLUTION for over 1 year to create the best trading platform in existence.

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"Financial markets are a tool to transfer wealth from Impatient to Patient"



Matteo Costa eclectic entrepreneur active since 2017, expert in technology and financial innovation.

Ivan Macic, consultant Programmer since 2012, expert in programs Microsoft and Language C#.

Matteo Reavolution Piattaforma per semplificare il tuo Trading

Matteo Costa

Founder & CEO

ivan Reavolution Piattaforma per semplificare il tuo Trading

Ivan Macic

Founder & CTO