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The supply and demand indicator is an indicator that is used to recognize the demand and supply factor in the market model. They are both money related to classifications and focus on the law of flexibility and demand.

This indicator also shows that where flexibility and demand cause a sharp increase or abatement and goes directly to indicate areas of supply and demand. The latter are both monetary conditions that imply the massive presence of buyers or Sellers.

The indicator is based on the activity of increase and wear of value in the advertising model, as mentioned above,. The essential idea of this indicator is an exchange that in the area where flexible and demand rates are more entrenched and the cost to them is just as high.

There are two principles of supply and demand in the market.

1. If there is an oversupply of a thing, the value decreases.

2. If there is a lot of interest in something, then the cost increases.

This standard is the equivalent for each phase of exchange. In the Forex exchange, in the remote possibility that there is a large amount of interest for money sets, at that point the cost will increase accordingly and in the remote possibility that an excess of cash set offer occurs.


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