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The Clouds indicator is based on two Moving Average (Moving Averages) the Fast and the Slow.  The Fast is of smaller Period , by default it is 21 of Red color, and the Slow is of greater period, of default it is 50 of Blue color.

When the Fast, red line, is located above the Slow, Blue line, then it is presumable that we are up trend and all the space, between the Moving Averages, is colored green.

Conversely, it is colored Red between the two Mobile Averages if the Fast, red line, is below the Slow, Blue line, where a Down Trend is likely.

This indicator is also recommended to use with the support of other indicators. Otherwise you can assume buy-ins when the Fast, red line, crosses from the bottom to the other the Slow, Blue line, and in Sell if the Fast, red line, crosses from top to bottom the Slow, Blue line.


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