Create your Trading System

Do you want to create your own indicator or automate your own Strategy?


can build for you any Trading System.  

If you need an indicator you can tell us what and how to represent everything in the graphs and we will develop it and make all the necessary tests for you.

If you need to automate your strategy, we can develop a cbot and optimize performance with our unique backtest, stresstest and parameter optimization techniques over time to create a unique tool that works over time.

All this obviously under a specific NDA agreement, Non-disclosure Agreement. So that no one can share strategies and techniques that are proprietary to one or the other.

How we work

After receiving your signed NDA, we will send it back to you Countersigned directly by our Technology Manager Ivan Macic and CEO Matteo Costa.

We will also attach different dates and times in which to organize our first Zoom.

Once all the necessary arrangements have been made, we will proceed with the implementation of the system. We will program the system just as if it were one of ours, with our peculiarities and skills.

As soon as the system is ready and then , it will work just the way you want, we will move on to the next step. That is to test the system on several tools in the past years to get an idea of the performance that would get. 

If the operation is totally correct then we will proceed to the penultimate phase that is the optimization of the System. 

Our optimization process is unique and proprietary therefore it will not be revealed. 

In the event that our optimization brings satisfactory results then we can start it in the market in real time, immediately in demo and we will monitor the trend also by redoing backtest on the period that has passed live.

Here comes the last step, that is the launch on the real market on a Real account. 

Enjoy Profit!

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NDA Deal

Download the Non-Disclosure Agreement and send it to us via the form at the bottom of the page. Add in the message some details of what you would like to accomplish. We will send you back the countersigned agreement and schedule together an appointment where to meet and discuss the work

We Build TraDing Systems

Creation Process

Planning Strategy

Backtesting & Optimization

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Fill out the form by uploading the Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) Signed, we will send you an email ,with the copy countersigned by us to proceed to fix our first meeting, complete with different times where one of our consultants will be available.