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MetaTrader 4 (MT4) e MetaTrader 5 (MT5) BANNED


Metatrader4 and MetaTrader5 (MT4 and MT5) are the most widely used Forex and CFD trading platforms by all Retail Traders worldwide.   Since yesterday you can no longer download this app from the app store and it will probably also be removed from the Play store.   Also all regulated brokers in the US are removing the MT4 platform, this is also happening for MT5. 

Many people are wondering,  


We start by explaining that MT4 and MT5 are software developed by metaquotes , a company born in Russia, which was based in Kazan (Russia) founded by Renat Fatkhullin who is resident in Cyprus as currently also the company. 

This Ban of MT4 and MT5 happens, most likely, because it was born in Russia and because of the fact that for some time there are “rumors” They’re saying that there’s Russian control on the platform, and there’s massive Russian capital movements favored by the CEO himself. 

These reports are still just rumors, have not been officially proven but it could be that these rumors have reached the apparatus of American Intelligence. Given also the very serious turn the war is taking, with the news of Putin who wants to respond to the threats of nuclear power, and is mobilizing more than 300 thousand new soldiers, the situation begins to become more serious. At the same time we see a huge company that has its roots in Russia and could have some income with Russia.  For this reason it is gradually banned from the App Store , Play Store and all brokers with US Regulation.  

Could this happen in the future with all regulated brokers in EUROPE?  

We’ll see about that! In fact in these unstable situations it would be good to have regulated brokers in Europe and avoid having money in too “offshore” brokers.

Precisely because of these situations in which we do not know which broker could be closed by the circuit for collaborations of which nothing is known, This is the safest choice. 

So we can assume that this Ban of metaquotes software from the App Store and America is due to these possible links with Russia. We only know, however, that metaquotes was born in Russia and all the Other news remains only rumours if they are not proven. In fact, however, MT4 E MT5 are no longer available on the App Store, we will see if it will be a momentary thing or will actually remain so . 

In any case, what is better to do now? CHANGE PLATFORM TO CTRADER! 

At REAVOLUTION we are experts in the use of the ctrader platform, we have always preferred this platform because of several advantages that we list in our other article on our blog.  

Don’t worry if you don’t know how to use and don’t know the platform, we will guide you step by step to discover the entire platform.  

We will also teach you how to leverage all REAVOLUTION Resources in order to improve your trading experience. You can use our ctrader indicators and connect to our cbot strategies available for copying. In addition to using our calculators and economic calendar. 

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