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Why copy REAVOLUTION cBot Strategies?

With REAVOLUTION you can copy successful cbot strategies directly to your Personal Account. 

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In this article we want to explain you the Benefits of Copy Trading and how it works. 


What is Copy Trading? 

Often confused with social trading and mirror trading, copy trading consists in copying the performance of other traders using an automatic system. 

Today the most popular copy trading brokers also offer social trading services. This type of feature provides the opportunity to study both the actions and behavior of each trader. 


How does copy trading work? 

In copy trading, the investor has the option to automatically “copy” each transaction executed by another trader to his or her personal trading account. 

Unlike other services, the investor does not provide his funds directly to the trader he wants to copy. In fact, the copy actions will use the money in the trader’s account, as if the owner had purchased them himself. 

To do this, trading accounts can simply be linked to copy trading platforms to replicate trades. In our case we rely on ctrader to allow this connection. 


Copy trading is often recommended for beginners, but not only for the advantages it offers. 

Copy trading allows you to invest money automatically without having a direct knowledge of the markets, is customizable according to your goals, allows you to diversify investments etc etc.  

Below, let’s delve into all the benefits that copy trading can give 


Allows you to invest with limited knowledge of the market

Copy trading allows traders with limited knowledge, whether they are beginners or with little time to trade, to invest. 

Following and copying the strategies of experienced traders can prove beneficial, although it does not completely eliminate the need to research and understand the market and implement a sound risk management strategy. 

Save time by automating the process

The heart of copy trading is the fact that most of the process can be automated. You choose a signal provider or a trader to be replicated and the copy trading platform usually facilitates the rest based on certain parameters set by the investor. This saves a lot of time compared to manually entering operations. 

You can customize operations to your needs

REAVOLUTION allows users to directly copy operations and our cbot strategies, but also to customize some parameters of copy modes. 

This means that investors can choose to copy transactions, but at lower volumes, or to copy only a few portions of a transaction. Or leaving it unchanged, the system directly proportionalizes the allotment to the volume of your account. 

The operations and quantities copied by REAVOLUTION can often be flexible. This allows you to adapt copied transactions to different risk profiles and account levels. 

Copy trading diversifies the investments

Portfolio diversification is an important aspect of risk management. This type of diversification is also possible with copy trading and thanks to REAVOLUTION that provides several cbot strategies that obviously operate differently. 

Investors can choose from a range of different cbots that operate on different assets, at different times and with different strategic approaches. 

All this can help to create balance and diversity within a portfolio. 




Then choose your Strategy and link it to your Account! 

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