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cTrader better than MT4 !?

The ctrader is a trading platform developed by Spotware Systems Ltd and particularly suitable for brokers operating in ECN (Electronic Communication Network) mode, or with direct access to market prices. 

Since its launch, it has been adopted by several ECN brokers, including market-leading TopFX. ctrader provides several key features with a modern, clean and easier to use interface. 

The various windows are easy to navigate and have been designed to be more intuitive: element that gave the ctrader a relevant advantage on the most complicated professional platforms. 

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The ctrader offers three chart modes: single, multiple and free which can be used to get different views of market trends based on preferences. 

The visualization of the graphics is much more elegant and modern, both from the aesthetic and functional point of view. There are also more types of orders and navigation is generally much more intuitive. 

The interface is clean and the same functions are available for charts, position window, back testing and technical indicators. 

You also have the option to decide the location of the graphs and pull them out of the same platform, in case you were working with multiple monitors. 

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In line with MT4 Expert Advisors, ctrader offers its algorithmic trading tool, the calgo (Bots), which allows the trader to program robots for automated trading operations. for indicator creation, strategy execution and back testing. The tool works on C# language and .NET. 

The platform offers a wide range of indicators such as moving averages. MACD. Bollinger etc. for market data analysis. You can then find our REA Indicators that are indicators not present inside. 

 And it offers different timeframes, from the classic 1 / 5 / 15 minutes to many others that are not present on MT4. 

The ctrader is also equipped with support for automatic trading and back-testing via its calgo platform, available to anyone with a ctrader account. 

However, given the relative novelty of the ctrader, there are currently not the same amount of dedicated robots and programmers working on calgo. Therefore, you can rely on REAVOLUTION for system programming. 

Similarly, the ctrader also allows back-testing using expandable historical data at the user’s request in a very similar way to the metatrader. But more precise because the historical data also have in memory the spred of the single Tick. 

articolo ctrader calgo

The ctrader provides a comprehensive market depth assessment with 3 distinct views: standard depth, price depth and VWAP depth. 

These features help the trader to closely follow the liquidity of the market for different price points, thus helping them to make more accurate insertions. 

The ctrader is much more sophisticated on the depth features of the market, and offers the opportunity to see the full range of executable prices. 

The VWAP view gives you an idea of the price you will get for large orders that may not be fully executed at a single price. 

Overall, the Market Depth feature included within the ctrader platform is quite advanced and easily adaptable to all trading styles. 

If market depth is an important feature in your trading style, ctrader is the most recommended choice.

Another great feature is the automatic setting of more take profit, with the possibility to close a part of position upon reaching a first target and then move the stop sign at the entrance and let any profits run. All this happens automatically thanks to the Advanced Take profit function. In this way, if with the MT4 you have to wait in front of the chart to take the first profit, closing a part of position and moving the stop sign to not have more risk, with the ctrader you can do everything at the start, the opening of the trade and allow you some extra distraction for the duration of the operation, if you were not yet confident enough you can add an alarm directly on the chart. 


Take advantage of our platform, on REAVOLUTION you will have your best experience with ctrader!  


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